Book-to-Movie Adaptations: What’s Your Opinion?

Hey, readers! Today we’re writing a blog post on book-to-movie adaptations. What’s your take on them? Do you ever walk out of a movie theatre and think “I was expecting so much more,” or “I loved that movie!”? Are there any movie adaptations you were disappointed in? A movie you’ve been wanting to see for a long time?

Well, to be clear about this: just because there’s a movie based on a book doesn’t mean every single detail needs to be the same. The word “adaptation” means it’s being adapted from the book, so it’s obviously going to have its differences. But overall, readers usually still look forward to watching movies of books they loved reading; but a lot of the time, negative responses will come because “The book had more detail,” or “The movie lacked substance.”

For example, back in March 2012, when The Hunger Games came out, we were so excited to watch it. We’d been watching trailers of the movie with our friends since the previous October. It looked amazing, and we had read the book. So the movie was definitely going to be great.


Not everyone agreed on that. Some people said they didn’t like Katniss’s character because you couldn’t hear her thoughts, or feel what she felt in the book (which we agree with). Others loved it so much, especially because they’d read the book. In our opinion, we thought the movie was a good adaptation for the book, but lacked detail and was sort of awkward at parts.

(But how can you NOT love Seneca Crane’s beard?)

Another popular adaptation was the Harry Potter series. These movies were wildly popular, but most readers thought the movies lacked a lot of the books’ details, and they weren’t as good. We agree in the lacking-detail part, but still love these movies so much.

Life of Pi was another we wanted to discuss; however, we have not seen the movie so we cannot compare the book in any way, although it was a great read.

So what’s your opinion on book-to-movie adaptations? Have you seen any recently? We’re excited to see The Host (by Stephanie Meyer) because we’ve both read and loved the book. We’re also anticipating Catching Fire (Hunger Games #2) this November.

There are lots of other book-to-movie adaptations we’re looking forward to from great books: some of these include The Great Gatsby, The Maze Runner, and The Sea of Monsters.

Tell us what you think in the comment section below! What’s YOUR favourite book-to-screen adaptation, or are there any adaptations you’re looking forward to seeing in the near future?


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