The Gemstone and Prodigy Giveaway on GR!

Hey, everyone!

I know a while ago we mentioned a GIVEAWAY, and we’ve been thinking long and hard about what we wanted to do. We’ve finally decided that (as we wanted to give away our book and also loved Legend by Marie Lu) we will give away 4 awesome prizes:

1. A signed paperback copy of THE GEMSTONE

2. 3 signed THE GEMSTONE bookmarks

3. Hardcover copy of Prodigy by Marie Lu

4. A 5-page critique of your book/story/WIP

**Available for Canadian and US residents ONLY!** Sorry for any inconveniences.


You only have to add THE GEMSTONE as a to-read on your Goodreads account. (One person will be randomly selected as a winner.) If you do not have GR and want to enter the giveaway, simply comment on this post stating you want to enter the giveaway and you will be added as another participant.

Here is the link to our book:

If you have added our book as a to-read already, and want to be part of the giveaway, you can be entered as well. Just comment on this post as stated above.

Anyone who’s entered from today (Feb 8th) at 2:00 pm to March 8th (ends at 12:00 am) will be considered a participant!

We also recently did a presentation for some middle graders at our old school, and they were EXTREMELY excited about our book. We were lucky enough to give away some books to them, and got some awesome feedback from ravenous readers. After this giveaway is done (in one month) we’ll be doing another awesome giveaway for our second book (The King’s Jewel) which is set to come out in spring.

We hope you enter and good luck to all!

-Sarena and Sasha


3 thoughts on “The Gemstone and Prodigy Giveaway on GR!

  1. Bonnie Hilligoss says:

    I added The Gemstone to-read on GR and would like to be entered in the giveaway. GR name is Bonnie Hilligoss. Thanks!!

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