The King’s Jewel Update

Hey, everyone! If you’ve read The Gemstone, then surely you’re looking forward to The King’s Jewel, Book Two of The Pendant Trilogy. 

If you haven’t read The Gemstone already, you can get it anywhere online. Check out for more details.

Also, we’re working hard on this draft of TKJ while also balancing school work. It’s not easy, but writing sure is fun! 

We’re also thinking of doing a giveaway involving GoodReads… exciting!

Lastly, if you’re a huge fantasy/magic/Harry Potter-like fan, you should check out The Gemstone. It’s really an awesome read for YA/MG readers. And as for The King’s Jewel … Let’s just say the amount of magic in The Gemstone compared to TKJ is equivalent to a fish in an ocean. 

Happy New Year, once again! Keep reading!


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